BEAN, The Bristol Coffee Map, is your guide to the best coffee and coffee experience offered up by our fine city.  

The map and key will shepherd you through our beautiful streets, indulging you in the exact coffee experience you’re looking for. From swinging seats to swimming pools, laundromats to record stores, Bristol has it all.

Each café has been selected for its unique charm, warmth, and shared love for the ambrosial elixir. Each one is dedicated to supporting local producers and suppliers, which makes this city – and its coffee – so very special. No spot is the same; every one worth a visit.

Please tweet us any comments, feedback or recommendations for new coffee spots @BSCoffeemap. Or drop us a message here. DRINK COFFEE RESPONSIBLY
Enjoy your coffee in a washable vessel. Take-away doesn’t have to mean throw-away. 

The Bristol Coffee Map was a personal project for the team at Studio Baum

"We wanted to initiate this project to celebrate 3 of our main loves in life, design, Bristol and coffee!"

Illustrated in collaboration with Naomi Wilkinson.

Written by Jess Baum aka The Mother-in-laws-Kitchen.

Printed on Crush Coffee 120gsm supplied by Fenner Paper. Tel. 01732 771100

Printed by Zone. Tel. 01892 834001